Short Story on “An Aeroplane” in English?

An aeroplane is a machine which flies in the air like a bird. It has wings and tail. It can also change its direction.

Man had an ambition to fly like birds, in the sky for many years. About 150 years ago scientists wrote that a craft heavier than air could be kept flying without falling on the ground. Many things were done to fly a machine with engine and wings. Lastly in 1903, in America, Wright brothers invented a machine called the aeroplane which could fly in air.

An aeroplane consists of the following parts i.e. Engine, Body, Rudder, Elevator and Aileron. Many types of aircraft are found in these days such as transport aircraft, Military aircraft and passenger aircraft. Engine gives power to the machine to keep it flying. Rudder is used for turning the aircraft Elevator is for climb or dive, where as Ailerons are used for controlling the aeroplane. In modern times aeroplane are very useful.

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