Short Story on “An Aeroplane” in English?

An aeroplane is a machine which flies in the air like a bird. It has wings and tail. It can also change its direction.
Man had an ambition to fly like birds, in the sky for many years. About 150 years ago scientists wrote that a craft heavier than air could be kept flying without falling on the ground. Many things were done to fly a machine with engine and wings. Lastly in 1903, in America, Wright brothers invented a machine called the aeroplane which could fly in air.
An aeroplane consists of the following parts i.e. Engine, Body, Rudder, Elevator and Aileron. Many types of aircraft are found in these days such as transport aircraft, Military aircraft and passenger aircraft. Engine gives power to the machine to keep it flying. Rudder is used for turning the aircraft Elevator is for climb or dive, where as Ailerons are used for controlling the aeroplane. In modern times aeroplane are very useful. You May Also Like:

Short Story on About Christmas in English?

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December all over the world. On this day. Jesus Christ was born. He was born in Bethlehem, a city of Israel. His father’s name was Joseph and his mother was Mary.
It is a festival of Christians. Christians take jesus as their savior. His mind was very active from his childhood. He devoted his whole life for the services of the sick, the poor and all those who needed his help.
On this day, special dishes and cakes are prepared. The Christians put on their best and new clothes. They go to Churches for prayers. They greet each other by saying, “Happy Christmas to you”. They visit their friends and relatives and greet them. Sweets are exchanged amongst friends and relatives.
Christians do a lot of shopping too. Everyone seems very happy on this day. This festival brings happiness all over the world. You May Also Like:

Patriot Short Story in English?

Silesia was a state in Germany. People of Silesia were true patriots. In a small village, there lived a young girl. She was an orphan. She was poor and lonely. But she loved her motherland. When she heard about the French attack, she felt very restless.
The young girl felt that she should do something for her country. She kept thinking and at last she thought a plan.
Next morning, the girl got up early and set out for a near by town. She reached the town in the afternoon.
She went straight to a barber shop. The barber asked, “What do you want, my child?” with tear in her eyes she said, “Look ! how long, beautiful and soft my hair is ! I want to sell it. Please but it as, I need money immediately.”
“What for? Asked the barber eagerly
“Don’t you know that our country is in danger? I must give something for defense fund. This is my duty as a citizen,” said the young girl.
The barber was surprised and pleased too. He bought the girl’s hair for 20 marks. She sat on the barber’s chair and he cut …

The Camel and The Rat Short Story in English?

Once there was a camel. He lived near a village. He had very proud on himself. One day a little rat come to him and asked politely, “Will you like to be my friend?” but the camel replied angrily, “I don’t need any friend. I think only weak persons, like you, need friends.” On listening this, the rat went away quickly.
One day, the camel was eating the leaves of a tree. Unluckily, his nose-cord stuck in a thorn. He tried his best to get free but it was useless. He was unable to do anything but to see the thorn stuck in his nose, he said to himself, “Perhaps, the rat was right if I had made a friend, he must have helped me. But what to do now, because I have no one.”
All of a sudden the same little rat came there and said, “I requested you to become my friend, but you refused. “The camel was ashamed at his behavior and said, “Please give me one more chance and be my friend.”
The little rat climbed on the tree and cut the cord with his sharp teeth. The camel was now free. He thanked the rat…

Sun Rise Short Story in English

As the birds twitter And the cocks crow; Then the morn breeze Slowly begins to blow; As the pigeons coo And the cows low; Then the farmers begin Their fields to plough. As the stars get dim And the night goes It comes the dawn And the sun grows. You may also like: